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To me, it’s like watching “A Beautiful Mind”, but the important thing is that he’s excited by Maths something I haven't seen in school. Thank you!Ruth Benny from Top Schools

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A ‘Master” without doubt! Getting excited about how much my girls are going to learn from this tutor after my 15 year old took to his teaching like a fish to water.J Devlin-O’Bryne, mother of 3
Latest scores: 92% and 100%Nicola Shepherd
Thank you for your support, I've been accepted for a BMBS medicine degree at Brighton university.Brook Leung
Gifted Alliance is a support group for the families of high-ability children. Mathemagic helped us organize and plan a math club with a dynamic, relatable guide for our budding young mathematicians.Laura Paul, Founder of Gifted Alliance and Certified SENG SMPG Facilitator
James got in on an early decision, Browns, Ivy league. Thank you for all your work with him.Vivien Bradley
Spending Friday evenings after school doing maths, may not be anyone's idea of fun, but my boys look forward to the challenges each week. Concepts clearly explained and done with speed as well as accuracy. Thanks for all your hard work!Colene Teh, VSA parent
Dont know if we told you Sarahs results or not. She got 6A* & 4A. A* in Math ans 3A* in triple science so we are really proud of her.Clive Franks

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Thanks Karim, we could not have done it without you! You and your team have been supportive and always helpful. Sincere thanks for all the hard work and passion, you have been more than a tutor, you have been a real mentor.Helena Nowacki

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