Special Education – Helping Children with Special Needs to Succeed in School

-A quick Q&A with Dr. Ada, Ph.D. in clinical psychology- Children with special needs face unique challenges in the classroom, and Special Education can be a powerful tool for helping them succeed.   How does special education work?  Special Education is a specialized learning environment for children with specific needs. Special Education can be used to provide targeted instruction in … Read More

Pushing Math boundaries at The Harbour School !!!

Pushing Math boundaries at The Harbour School Karim Arditi, Math mentor for Full Steam Ahead program, and Learning Extension @THS      When The Harbour School first discussed collaboration with Mathemagic, the idea was to support the school’s learning extension program as well as offer mentorship to students enrolled in John Hopkins CTY, Northwestern CTD, or Art of Problem Solving … Read More

The GREAT debate: IB vs AP vs A-levels

The AP, A-IeveIs and IB curricuIums are structured differently The International GCSE pathway starts in Year 11 with students sitting up to six subjects. These topics are structured as introductory to what will be seen in the course. in year 12 students go to level A, which is divided into As and A2.NormaIIy, students take 4-5 AS Level subjects and then go on to take … Read More

My child HATES maths! What can I do???

My child hates Maths! What can I do? Reading time 2-3 minutes. This is not an uncommon comment from parents. My kid hates it, he finds it hard, she doesn’t want to learn it, it’s boring, what’s the point we have calculators and all sorts of things kids say which have elements of truth but at the same time miss … Read More

Mindfulness for adults and kids, Roll with it!

Roll with it! You can’t change the fact that stress will show up in your life, but you can learn to change the way you respond to it. Mindfulness educator Sherry Yasay reports Photo by Baljit Gidwani – www.evoqueportraits.com From a very early age, most of us learn to label ‘stress’ as negative or bad. To find out if this … Read More

Meet Mrs Chau, an outstanding tutor who really cares about your child

Mrs Chau is a Vietnamese national whom graduated from Hong Kong University with a Bsc in Biochemistry and Psychology. She was offered a full scholarship to HKU based on merit and was on the Deans Honors list.  Mrs Chau is a ‘gifted’ individual and attended the prestigious ‘Le Hong Kong School for the gifted’ in Ho Chi Min city. She … Read More

Weekly Lessons with Mr Karim @ DB plaza

Hi Dear parents, Here is the schedule and pricing for our sessions at DB plaza starting 23/09/2020 Calendar Math lessons 2020 Rate card Sep 2020 Thanking you kindly Karim Arditi, Program director for Mathemagic What’s app 91354724 email: mathemagicmd@gmail.com

Meet Karim Arditi, our program director (4min read)

Mr Karim Arditi is our program director and a self admitted Math nerd.   He is the Math coach for the Full Steam Ahead program at The Harbour School THS runs a learning extension program which Mr Karim is a coach for this is to prepare students for math competitions and critical thinking He is extremely approachable and always happy to … Read More

Online learning, an answer to gloomy days

OVER a million students across all Hong Kong schools and Universities are affected by school closures in the whole territory, following the worsening virus threat. Schools and universities had to cancel classes as well as all extra curricular activities and after school programs until March 02nd following a directive by the EDB (Education Department Bureau). Public leisure centers and facilities … Read More

Meet our Mindfulness Specialist: Sherry Yasay

Sherry Yasay is a licensed Mindfulness Educator and Plum Village Practitioner. She is the Founder of ‘ The Mindfulness Community’, a platform promoting mindfulness practices. She is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kum Sung Martial Arts, Taekwondo (World Taekwondo Federation) and a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Chuck Norris’ system Chun Kuk Do (United Fighting Arts Federation). By virtue … Read More