Meet Karim Arditi, our program director (4min read)

Mr Karim Arditi is our program director and a self admitted Math nerd.


He is the Math coach for the Full Steam Ahead program at The Harbour School

THS runs a learning extension program which Mr Karim is a coach for

this is to prepare students for math competitions and critical thinking

He is extremely approachable and always happy to help parents with their children’s journeys in Mathematics.

Karim Arditi holds a Bsc, Mman in Mathematics (2000) from Sussex University UK and is the founder of Mathemagic, Higher Maths and Science studies. Over the years he has taught students from most HK schools and received a large number of testimonials.

From parents

And colleagues

Some of his students got into medical schools!!

Some of his students entered Ivy League schools with near perfect results

Like Princeton, Stanford or Brown

  Or scored perfect and near perfect on their SATs

Or top universities in the UK like UCL

Some came to study as adults because they didn’t do so well at school and wanted to enter pilot training 🙂

You know something is right when students are supportive of their teacher

   And postgraduate students

Some testimonials are really very kind

This sounds way better than ‘Math is so boring’

Some students improved so much they became ‘scientifically minded


Karim has always been fascinated by the complexities of Mathematics and decided to turn his passion into a career in Hong Kong.

He believes strong fundamentals in numeracy are the basis for success in Mathematics, which leads to academic success and great results in Sciences and Computing.

Karim created Mathemagic in Hong Kong initially helping students with IB, A-levels or the AP curricula. Gradually there was a lot of interest from families of ‘Gifted’ students who tested highly on the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth SCAT to receive ‘extension’ type work. This led Karim to creating the ‘Mathemagic’ curriculum which all of our tutors now use: It is a 15 unit course in number theory which helps students to count faster.

Initially designed to help students for Olympiad and Math counts preparation, it soon became apparent that all kids could benefit from clear counting strategies.

Making these techniques accessible to all children has huge proven benefits

The Mathemagic curriculum has since helped countless students of all levels to answer questions more accurately and with speed, creating more enjoyment and confidence in all the students who understand it. Mathemagic as a company is a home tutoring and online tuition provider which is the largest provider of tutors at home in Hong Kong. Mostly the focus is on Mathematics however Mathemagic also covers all science subjects as well as English and Chinese across all major school curricula.

Karim has taught students from most schools in HK and runs ‘Math clubs’ in Discovery Bay where he lives with his wife and 3 children. He also runs online classrooms which have become increasingly popular! His classes range from Yr4-Yr13. Most of his classes are wait-listed.


Karim can prepare students for:

-Advanced Placement

-International Baccalaureat

-A Levels C1-C4, P1-P4, FP1-FP4, M1-M2, S1-S4, D1-D2

-IGCSE: Cambridge, Pearson / Edexcel

-SAT I & II prep / ACT prep / ISEE prep

-UK Common Entrance

-Scholarship exams for boarding schools

-Personal statements and University applications

Karim has taught over 500 students for 10+ years with excellent results and has a large number of references.

This is what Ruth Benny from ‘Top Schools‘ said about the Mathemagic Curriculum

‘I like to make sure students are great at counting fast, and I enjoy teaching the little tricks which make Mathematics so fascinating.’

Amazing A-level results

Mathemagic is mostly a home tuition company

Karim likes to post regular Math riddles and questions on the Mathemagic page which you can follow and like to keep up to date with him.

IGCSE level

Fun problem solving

Number riddles

Being a dad he also loves silly Math puns and jokes.

Are these funny? Hopefully they make you smile

Follow the Mathemagic page to keep up with us here

He also just started a Youtube Channel to create better connections with a larger audience and share some of his strategies for free

This channel is just starting so make sure you subscribe to it to keep up with Mathemagic

Hopefully he can make you smile too and give your child a strong passion for Mathematics until they too are off to University.

A dorky math nerd with a big heart and a high level of expertise in education, he is an excellent mentor and guide for ‘the mathematical journey’


You can email him directly on:

send Karim a what’s app on +85291354724